Cloud Native
Data Engineering

High Performance, Zero Compromise Dataflows for Enterprise on Spark & Kubernetes

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Your Journey to Cloud Native

Superior DataFlows on Spark

Unique [Visual = Code] Integrated Development Environment

Coders and Visual Developers can work in the same interface, going back and forth between the two view.

Interactive Development

Accelerate your development process with interactive step-by-step development support

Schema and Stats at
every Step

Attach Serverless Spark
for Development

Run entire workflow
or a single node

Spark Cluster Details

Empowering Enterprise Data Engineering

Complete ETL functionality on Apache Spark and Kubernetes


Configuration Management
Versioned assets - workflows & datasets

Prophecy Framework

User defined Components
Codify best practices

Deployment Export

Self executable workflow package
Spark SQL with Scala or Python

Governance on Spark

Auto-generated Lineage
Across workflows and datasets

Cloud Native Architecture

Run Where Your Data Is

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